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Five Ways Being a Stay at Home Dad is Harder Than Being an Olympian!

Good Men Project # 7 – On Suicide…

SUPER DUPER THRILLED to be a voice in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Ideas with Paul Kennedy: Wit’s End” Documentary. Along with Elyn Saks whose book “The Center Cannot Hold” forms a cornerstone of my bookshelf.

Good Men Project #6 : The Manliest Tears of My Life. As candid as I know how to be.

This is what THIS person with mental illness looks like. One of many amazing stories:

Good Men Project #5 : What Happens When the Crazy 22 year-old is truly Crazy?

Good Men Project #4 : About Crazy – A Letter to the 20 year-old Me

Disney’s “Babble” website features A Day in the Life of a Dad with Bipolar

New Zealand Stuff: “America’s Cup Sailor Duels with Bipolar”–americas-cup-sailor-duels-with-bipolar

“Bringing Inspiration to Earth” – Really great chat. Some heartfelt q&a about living with mental illness

“A Ride on the Bipolar Express” Part 3

“A Ride on the Bipolar Express” Part 2

“A Ride on the Bipolar Express” Part 1

BlogTalk Radio Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown. Includes reading of Chapter 1

“Journey for Truth” iHeartRadio and YouTube interview with Tami Urbnek:

“When Cancer Was the Easy Part” : The Good Men Project, article #3

The Good Men Project, article #2: “The Life of a Bipolar Dad”

My first featured article for The Good Men Project: “One Dad’s Lucky Streak — He Got Cancer Twice”

Featured Author Interview – “Into Another World” *Includes Book Excerpt*

“I quit! I just QUIT!”:

Here is an Outtake from Black Sails White Rabbits; as posted on Dr. Charles Parker’s Core Brain Journal site. We had a fantastic chat, too. That podcast will be up in the next couple weeks.

My first podcast, with JC Worldwide. Thanks John Casey!

“Books By the Bed” list written March 25, 2016 for We Wanted to Be Writers. Accidentally missing on the list is Maya Angelou.

Also here, an excerpt from Black Sails White Rabbits;

Video of me sanding a moth foil at the 2009 Worlds, chatting about moth racing and the success of the 2009 Emirates Team New Zealand TP52 campaign.

Remembering Andrew Simpson, the great sailor and generous man.

Nice shot of me and Rainer in the moth and a few lines from Sailing Anarchy about non- America’s Cup-ness.

A debrief of the 2013 America’s Cup from the cheap seats of someone on the last place team. Supports the theory that Emirates Team New Zealand didn’t “choke”. Since it was written, more information has come to light about some poor decision processes during the regatta. That said, Oracle started with quite a big head start considering their trimaran, and a powerful team in terms of resource. Both teams should be celebrated : Emirates Team NZ for inventing the foiling catamaran, and Oracle for exploiting their invention, in the nick of time, by the skin of their teeth, with not a second to spare.

First installment of a two-part article on the physics and fun of foiling catamarans, and how data can be used to help skin the cat.

Part 2.

Some thoughts on being a bona-fide stay-at-home dad for the first time in my life. #WAYharderthanitlooks.

One of my favorite pieces. How to take a new team and learn how to learn better, faster, sooner. Throws the word “meta” around like it’s gone out of style and made a comeback.

Thinly-veiled grieving over the crash and Andrew’s death, in the form of advocating stricter guidelines and enforcement for bleeding-edge engineering.

A look at the challenges of Superyacht handicapping, including a proposed solution to a problem harder than predicting next week’s weather.

Some thoughts about the first-ever The Foiling Week, held in July of 2014 on Lake Garda. The heavies were there: James Grogono of Icarus, Tom Speer of saving Oracle’s butt, Andrew McDougal of Mach 2 moths. And Kevin Hall, of easy to say hard to do fame.

July 28, 2014 reprint of the December 2, 2013 article “Use Your Illusion”. In Cup world, the more things change…

Some heartfelt thoughts on coaching, and especially on those who have coached me over the years.