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The day after the day after tomorrow is Mother’s Day. My mum just dropped me off for a few days’ work in Long Beach, after picking me up at LAX to drive me to Pasadena to visit my old stomping grounds at Las Encinas (mental) Hospital. While I sheepishly waited for them to retrieve my medical records, she pimped me and my book to them. By the time I got back from the car after grabbing one to leave there at the hospital as an alumnus-success-story, they knew most of my life’s story, as told by one of my biggest fans and the president of the help kev achieve his dreams club.

Mom has always been there for me. And, after thirty hours together like we have just had (did you know it can take 3 hours to drive from LAX to Pasadena if you time your arrival just right?), I know again that she always will.

Thanks Mom!!!